Welcome to the website for The Spa at Westgate!


Embark on a journey to your personal haven. The Spa at Westgate offers a unique atmosphere which affords relaxation and

personal attention at every step. Upon entering the spa you will have the opportunity to wish your worries away by dropping a

stone into our lovely waterfall. Many types of services are offered for everyone. Massages are offered in 30, 60 and 90 minute

intervals with many styles to choose from including, Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, hot and cold stone, lomi lomi and ashiatsu.

Lomi lomi is a form of Hawaiian massage that emulates the ebb and flow of the tide while ashiatsu is an oriental bar therapy that

uses the feet to massage the client and offers a unique experience for the customer.

Our facials feature natural products in both the Sircuit and Ytsara  lines. Ytsara hails from Thailand and encompasses an

Asian blend of healing and therapeutic remedies. This secret of organic natural beauty uses rare and exquisite formulations

including sacred lotus, hibiscus, white orchid, jasmine, green tea and bamboo shoot extracts for exceptional results.

We offer a unique poultice treatment for the eyes as well as offer a poultice add on for massage. A poultice is an herbal treatment

whereby the herbs are steamed and applied directly to the skin offering both an aromatherapy treatment as well as many

benefits to the skin. Our Sircuit line is cosmeceutical using medical grade ingredients for the finest results in anti-aging treatments,

including smart peels, and facials. We also offer microdermabrasion, ionic foot detoxification as well as paraffin dips for the hands

and feet.


The Spa also offers Party Package where the client can host their own party with the spa being closed to the public. This is great

for birthday parties, bridal parties, anniversaries, or just fun night out. You can bring your own food and beverage or we can cater

to create a personalized unique party to be remembered by all! We invite everyone to stop by and explore all that we have to offer.


Let your journey begin!